Sunday, May 24

Your 20 page guide to Rome is here!

Download it now! Get your 20-page tailor-made guide to Rome through download now.
It will give you an insight into the best sights, how to get to and from the airport, how to get to and from Rome if you're travelling by train, the best pubs and everything else you need to know to enjoy your trip.
Go to this link and, at the bottom of the web page, click on 'save file to your PC'.
Any feedback is gratefully received via
On the weather front, please ignore the forecast for Tuesday May 26 - it will be fine sunny weather - not thunderstorms as originally forecast.


Scott said...

Thanks for the PDF, much appreciated.

Zed said...

wonderfully produced pdf pal and it should be of great use to every red out in rome.

Jon said...

I cant use PayPal as it's asking me for some 4 digit code which oi cant get,i assume you can pay at the gate?

What type of beer is on sale not that muck Carling or Bud is it, hopefully Stella Atois.

Anonymous said...

PDF, ha ha

Matt said...

Top draw guide.


Anonymous said...

superb... just missed the best brothels section

info said...

Fantastic news for United fans

Carlos Tevez Is Staying Exlusive