Thursday, May 14

Big boost for Rome travellers

The Italian authorities have revealed that anyone with a ticket for the Champions League final will get free publick transport for the day of the final and the day before and after it.

Anyone with a ticket card for the match can catch buses, trams and Metro services for free.

They can also get free Musei Capitolini Italian History Museum and the Ara Pacis, a famous Roman landmark.

The announced was made on the Foreign Office travel advice website here.

You can find out about more sights to see, the best bars to drink in and a wealth of other information about Rome and the Champions League final by downloading our 16-page guide from this blog on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know if you can move between sections at the manchester united, ie from Distinti Nord Est (Gate 45 Block 45AD) to Curva Nord (Gate 48 Block 48AD), can you walk through underneath the stands as there is a perspex screen in the stands?

redsaway said...

There will probably be perspex screens in the stands and stewards checking tickets on the individual entries on the concourse, like in Moscow.

However, one tactic is for two people to go up. Then one comes down with two tickets and another goes up with him, until everyone is there.

Proper Red said...

Cheers, goood idea, but I got told that the sections underneath the stands, betweeen the 2 Distinti Nords and the Curva are blocked off. So you have to come up the stairs in the corrrect section where your ticket is allocated, Not like wembley where you can walk round. (So only way is over the perspex) Any idea if this is correct? Thanks for your help