Thursday, May 7

Rome ticket cards will hold personal data

Today, United said: "Tickets for the game will be access cards which will be linked to the details that are provided in the travel report.

"The in-design tickets will be similar to the season ticket access cards and will contain [the personal details] of the supporter.

"According to UEFA, entry to the stadium will only be permitted on production of the ticket and a valid identity document with photograph.

"Supporters are advised to have their passport with them at the game as proof of identity.

"It is imperative that supporters quote the details of the travelling supporter’s passport when completing the travel report."

Our reaction:

Don't panic.

It is naive to think that 70,000 people using the tickets will be the ones who bought them.

Even out of the 19,500 United end tickets, there will be thousands of people with genuine reasons why the ticket is being held by the person other than the one referred to in the travel report.

Following this system of rigorous checks would require hours and would impractical in the run up to kick off.

Besides, many hotels hold on to your passport for security reasons or for safe keeping during your stay. Supporters may not feel comfortable carrying them around town.

And also, supporters were told beforehand they would not get access to the San Siro stadium when United played Inter Milan earlier this season. That never materialised.

Fans were also warned of strict security in Moscow, which was much more relaxed than stated.

As above - don't panic.

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Martin said...

I knew you'd reassure me! Good man.

Ayman said...

Cheers Vitty.

What's worrying me now though is all this Visa nonsense.

zenith said...

You dont need a visa to enter Italy as far as i know, where have you read stuff about a visa?

The Pigeon said...

Ignore me mate, was a wind-up on Red Issue by the sounds of things