Friday, September 5

Readers' questions

Q: After we play Aalborg away on September 30, what would be the best way to get back to Aarhus Airport after the match in Aalborg? I fly back on October 1 at 10.30am.

A: You'll be fine if you get the train in the morning, but make sure you give yourself plenty of time, and be prepared to pay more because you're travelling at rush hour.

If you're departing at 10.30am on the Ryanair flight to London Stanstead, check in online up to five days before you fly back.

When you check in online, you enter a few personal details (passport number, flight confirmation number etc) and the website will link you to a webpage which allows you to print off your boarding pass.

If you do that, rather than arriving at the airport two hours early to check in as normal, you can just walk up to security with your pre-printed boarding pass by 9.50am at the latest.

But this will only work if you've only got one bag with you to take on the plane - if you've got any baggage to check in to put in the hold, you'd have to check in as normal.

Aarhus Airport is 50 minutes by coach from Aarhus centre. The airport bus leaves directly outside the train station.

Times are:
Leave 07:25, arrive 08:15
Leave 08:00, arrive 08:50
Leave 08:40, arrive: 09:30

So I would aim to arrive in time for the 8am coach.

The train from Aalborg to Aarhus takes about 90 minutes. They are all direct services.

Times are:
Leave: 05:10, arrive 06:47
Leave: 05:59, arrive 07:21
Leave: 06:10, arrive: 07.47
Leave: 06:59, arrive: 08:21

For more train times, go here.

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