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Aalborg away travel guide

Next Tuesday, United travel to Denmark to defend their Champions League crown.

Here is everything you need to know about the city for your stay.

Danes use the Danish Kroner (kr).
The official exchange rate is currently 9,3kr for £1.
The best exchange rate you're likely to find in Manchester is 8.8kr for £1 (or 9.03kr if you get more than £100s worth) from Althams. The Co-op offers 8.88kr and Thomas Cook offers 8.32kr.

Unless you're ordering in more than £100's worth, you should be able to get it right away without having to wait a few days for an order to come in.


Aalborg Lufthavn(pictured) - flights from London Gatwick on Sterling Air

It is 3.5 miles north west of Aalborg city centre. It costs 100kr (£10) by taxi and takes 10 minutes.
It costs 22kr (£2.20) one way by Metrobus number 202. Services depart roughly 30 minutes after each flight lands and take 22 minutes.

Aarhus Lufthavn - flights from London Stansted on Ryanair

If you're flying from Stansted, don't pay £10 a day for airport parking. Instead park for free close to Bishop's Stortford train station and catch the Stansted Express to the airport. It takes 10 minutes and costs £3.80 one way before 10am and £4.20 after 10am.

It is 50 miles north of Aarhus city centre. It costs 550kr (£55) by taxi and takes about 25 minutes.

The coach costs 90KR (£9) one way. Services depart roughly 30 minutes after each flight lands and takes 50 minutes.

But be warned: If you're getting the evening flight home, the last airport bus leaves at 20:15.

From Aarhus to Aalborg by train, it costs 157kr (£15.70) for a single or 314KR (£31.40) for a return. The journey takes about 90 minutes. They usually run twice every hour, but search here for timetables.

Alternatively you can catch the X-bus for 110KR (£11).

The stadium

Kick off is at 8.45pm local time.

Aalborg’s stadium is in walking distance from the city centre.
From the main road, Vesterbro, walk north towards the river and turn left onto Kastetve.

Walk right up that road and you will see the stadium on your left. Apparently, Aalborg will be erecting a big screen for (mostly home) fans without tickets to watch outside the stadium.


Undoubtedly the meeting pub for reds in Aalborg will be the John Bull, at Østerågade 20. (Pictured)
To get there, follow the main road, Vesterbro, north towards the river.
Turn right onto Ved Stranden and then, at the end, turn right onto Osteragade and you'll see it in front of you.
It usually costs about £4.50 for a pint of Carlsberg and Tuborg here, but the landlord Jamal has promised to lower prices for the visit of United. And if you've not got a ticket, they've got a big screen showing the match.

It will open daily from 10am on the week of the match. Here's the full menu but expect the prices to be lower.

On the same street, at number 25, there's a pub called the Irish House, a 17th-century house, which has been described as "almost too beautiful a setting in which to get drunk".
Serving Kronenbourg, Carslberg (at 30kr a pint until 8pm and 35kr after) Strongbow, Guinness and other draughts, plus 28 bottled beers and cheerful pub grub, it will open from 10am until 4am on the day before and the day of the match. It has two big screens and six plasma screens.
Here, Barry Leaming from the Scandanvian United
Supporters' Club will be having a party on the night
of the game, featuring Pete Boyle before kick off. Go here for details.

But if you really want to get a flavour of Aalborg, you need to walk a few streets over to Jomfru Ane Gade (pictured) - the Deansgate Locks of Aalborg - which is packed full of bars and clubs.
It's a lot livelier with younger revellers at weekends and more likely to be full of middle-aged diners in the week.

Bars are ten a penny on that street (ask any local for directions), but it's quite pricey too.

One bar you have to check out is Sogaards Bryghus, at Obels Plads 4, which has its own microbrewery.
According to the guide book: "It has a swanky interior, loads of outdoor seating and a long menu of beer accompaniments.
"You could easily lose an afternoon or evening here sampling the seven different local brews - favourite is the Jomfruhumle pilsner, followed closely by the Klosterbryg, a dark German-style beer."

Another cheap drinking place is the Mallorca Bar right outside the train station.

If you're still looking for a place to stay, be warned that it's a complete rip off all over town.
You can camp or stay in a hostel on the outskirts of town, but the extra travelling time and cost defeats the object.

A good idea is to ask at the tourist office (address in the 'formal stuff' bit below).
They will book you rooms in private homes for between 270kr and 310kr (£27 and £31) for a single room and between 325kr and 400kr (£32.50 to £40) for a double pr pn.

And that really is the cheapest you're going to get. You can get a modern-but-simple double room at Prinsen Hotel at Prinsengade 14 for 645kr (£64.50) pr pn. It's close to the train and bus stations and has free internet access.

If you've got a bit more money to spend, try the 19th-centry Villa Rosa (pictured), at Gronnegangen 4, which has double rooms for 800kr (£80) pr pn.
It has a great central location. You might be able to get one of the six theatrically decorated rooms, which give it a special character.

For a daytime snack, visit the best chippy in town - Schak Nielsen, at Algade 23, which sells delicious fish burgers as well as sushi and other takeaways for about 20kr (£2).

If you want something more substantial head for Cafe KlosterTorvet, at Obels Plads 4, which offers dirt-cheap meals like baguettes and lasagnes from 380kr (£3.80).

Everywhere else is a bit of a rip off, but the Pingvin Tapas and Vincafe, at Brandstrupsgade 11 is worth checking out for it's amazing selection of tapas. Get a light meal there for about 50kr (£5).

What to see

Aalborg Zoo at Molleparkvej 63
Home to 1,300 animals and one of the most popular in Denmark, it’s open daily from 9am and costs 105Kr (£10.50). to get in.

Museum of Modern Art at Kong Christian Alle 50.
It houses a fine collection of Danish art dating from the late 19th century. It can be quite a mission to find on foot so take bus 15 instead. Entry is 40kr (£4).

The Budolfi Domkirke cathedral (pictured), at Algade 40
It’s at the centre of the old town and chimes on the hour every hour. The 16th-century interior is worth a look.

Further afield there’s a Viking museum and graveyard 15 minutes out of Aalborg on bus 2 and some amazing sand dunes, crashing waves where two seas collide and exceptional views in Skagen – an hour to the north of Aalborg on the north coast.

Formal stuff
Emergency police: 112
Non-emergency police: +45 96 30 14 48. The central station is at Jyllandsgade 27.
Hospital: +45 99 32 11 11. The Sygehus Syd hospital is at Hobrovej 18-22
Money: You can draw money out at ATMs all over town. A £2 withdrawal fee will apply.
The tourist information office is on the same street as the John Bull and opens business hours on weekdays.
Internet access: Free at the public library at Rendsburggade 2.
UK Embassy in Copenhagen): +45 33 44 52 00. If you lose your passport, report it to the police and you should only need the embassy in very exceptional circumstances.

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