Tuesday, December 1

Updating problems

Here at Reds Away Towers, we're encountering a few technological hiccups which will make it hard to update the blog in the coming days.

That will probably mean all the hard work put in researching next week's Wolfsburg trip will be going to waste.

But if you've got any specific queries about your trip to Germany, feel free to email redsaway@hotmail.co.uk

In the meantime, you might want to access some fantastic city guides from the Ryanair website here.

There are separate guides to Bremen, Berlin and Hamburg and they come in the form of a printable PDF file.

Finally, if you're spending time in Hamburg on Monday, the meeting point we suggest is Finnegan's Wake Irish bar, which is right in the centre a stone's throw away from Rathaus Metro Station. Here is a map and here is the pub website.


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FSF said...

As ever, the FSF have produced the goods, and a guide to Wolfsburg for anyone who wants to find out a little more about the team or the place (and if you're going, then it'll prove pretty handy, too). For the full details, check out:


Any questions, fling 'em to us at the usual address.

Red Rag said...

Inspired by the ever reliable Reds Away blog (bar recent technical glitches), thought I'd start my own one.


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