Wednesday, December 30

Greater Manchester Police release Leeds match info

Press release in full:

Greater Manchester Police is preparing for the FA Cup encounter between Manchester United and Leeds United at Old Trafford on Sunday 3 January 2010.

Working with both clubs, the FA and West Yorkshire Police, GMP has been planning for several weeks to ensure the fixture is a safe and enjoyable occasion for the tens of thousands of fans expected to watch the game at the stadium.

A substantial policing operation will be in place around the stadium and across Greater Manchester to help genuine fans have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Superintendent John Graves, who is the match commander, said: "I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year ahead of this exciting FA Cup tie.

"It is the first game of the year for both clubs and a tie that is set to showcase everything that is great about this cup competition.

"It has been several years since these clubs met and is a highly anticipated fixture for both sets of fans.

"Our aim is to help make the occasion a safe and enjoyable one for everyone involved.

"Greater Manchester Police is very experienced at policing football matches and major events, and this game will be no exception.

"We have an extensive operation involving officers and resources from across the Force to both deal with any incidents and offer reassurance to the public."

A key part of GMP's operation is to deter the small minority of people who may travel to the game intending to cause trouble, and to respond to any incidents of disorder or anti-social behaviour quickly and robustly. GMP is urging those without tickets not to travel.

"The availability of alcohol will be substantially restricted within the stadium and across Greater Manchester.

Supt Graves added: "Everyone connected with this event has a responsibility to do all they can to make this a safe and enjoyable occasion, especially local businesses and travel operators.

"In recent weeks we have been asking local pubs and off-licences to limit their sales and opening times, and advising coach operators of the dangers of transporting drunken fans.

"This is not about spoiling anyone's fun but is about ensuring the match passes off safely, enjoyably and without incident. Anyone arriving at the stadium drunk will be refused entry and is likely to be arrested.

"I want to stress that the overwhelming majority of fans are just that - fans who cause no trouble and go purely to enjoy the football and support their team.

"Of the tens of thousands of fans who will be watching the game, it is only a small minority who may try to cause trouble and spoil it for everyone, and we will not hesitate to make arrests of troublemakers.

"The conduct of supporters reflects on the image of their club and this is a great opportunity for fans of both clubs to show the positive side of football."

Due to the sheer volume of fans expected at Old Trafford, traffic delays are unavoidable and while GMP will be working hard to minimise disruption and ensure traffic flow, fans are advised to give themselves extra time to make their way to the ground.

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It will be great to watch Manchester United, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.