Thursday, July 16

It's only halfway through July and we're back for a new season

Well, okay, it's not QUITE the season - just a flurry of fixtures to warm up the players, earn a bit of cash for the club and help out smaller clubs.

Many fans wash their hands of pre-season and see it as a spoiler for the coming campaign, while others miss the beautiful game so much over the summer, they can't wait to get started again.
A fair few reds aren't best pleased at the 'transfer situation' at the club at the moment.

But since Fergie has until the end of August to sort his squad out, let's focus instead on some pleasant memories from our last game - the Champions League final.

Photography - and top right photograph - both courtesy of Mef Master
As the song goes. we should always look on the bright side of life.

The performance on the pitch in the great Stadio Olimpico not have lived up to fans' expectations, but everything in football is relative.

City haven't won anything in 33 years, the scousers got agonisingly close to trumping United in the league and, quite entertainingly failed.
And Leeds? They play Colchester in the league.
In comparison, reaching two UEFA Champions League finals in a row isn't bad going, regardless of how we did when we got there.
And there were some fantastic times along the way in both seasons, from sunning it up in Lisbon and Barcelona, to risking life and limb in Kiev and Moscow and enjoying the hospitality of Aalborg and Villareal.
In all, United played nine matches outside of England last season, giving reds the chance to visit cities far and wide with friends and family, and to see some great sights along the way.
Despite the horror stories branded about in the build up to the Barcelona final, the predicted trouble with Roma's Ultras didn't materialise.
The local police were pretty fair all around and our feedback suggests most people had a great time, bar the result, of course.
Many of those fortunate to get out there enjoyed seeing the sights in fine weather - Vatican City, the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain amongst others.

Thanks for sending in your photos, some of which appear below.

We're guaranteed at least three expeditions in season 2009/10, not to mention the Community Shield trip to Wembley and other domestic adventures.

And this blog will keep you informed about the best deals to get to them all.
Feel free to email your fan pictures taken at any away game to and we'll use them where possible.

Photograph courtesy of Sam Weller

Photograph courtesy of Red Issue's sdt1986

Photography courtesy of Sam Weller

Bobby Jackon, Ayman Fazeli, Nigel Ladson, Ashley Ladson, Guy Ladson. Photograph
courtesy of Ayman Fazeli.

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