Tuesday, July 14

Apply for your Wembley tickets now

Execute members and season ticket holders can now apply for tickets for the Community Shield against Chelsea on August 9.

They have until 8am on Monday, July 20, to apply online by calling 0161 868 8000.

United have got 26,247 tickets in the East Stand priced at £40, £30, £20 and £15. Under 16s get £5 off those prices.

Applicants can find out if they have got tickets by checking their booking history after 8am on July 24, but it's worth checking 48 hours before that as results are often published earlier.

Chelsea have received 26,300 tickets at the same prices. They have already sold out of the £40 tickets.

Below is a Wembley seating plan. A full Wembley travel and pub guide will appear on this blog when ballot results are out.

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