Wednesday, February 11

Looking ahead to Rome

While it is ambitious to think about United reaching a second Champions League Final in a row, it's worth mentioning possible travel.

Last year for Moscow, many reds got cheap deals because they gambled £30 or so on buying flights before the reds even got through to the semi final.

Doing the same this year could save you a packet - and even if you United don't make it through, you could get a refund, write off the cash or still have a few days' break on the continent.

Despite the final not being until May 27, flight prices between Manchester and Rome on the week of the match are in the region of £380 return direct or £185 connecting in Paris - and it will probably be in the region of £500 return by the time we know who will be in the final.

But you can fly from London Gatwick to Zurich on Air Lingus arriving two days before the game and returning the day after it for £33.20.

From there, you can take an 11-hour train to Rome, or take a four-hour train to Milan and then do the rest of the journey later.

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Oli said...

It is also worth knowing that on most AlItalia flights you can pay about £30 more at the time of booking to have a refundable flight minus a small admin fee. You just have to wait until the final booking screen to get that option (by phone they charge more). I Paid £160 for direct return flights to Rome from Heathrow a few months ago, and if we get knocked out I get 75% of that back if I cancel more than 14 days before the outbound flight.