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Derby travel guide

Derby County
Pride Park
FA Cup fifth round
Sunday February 15th, kick off 4.30pm

Pride Park holds 33,597 and United have got 5,600 of those. in the Cawarden End (south stand).

They are priced at £21.50 adults, £12.75 for over 60s and £17.75 for under 16s. All tickets have been sold and will be posted out this week.

Spare tickets in the away end should be available on Red Issue this week and on the day in pubs around the ground and on United messageboards now.

Tickets in the home end go on sale on Thursday. Find out more here.


The match will be shown live on ITV1 and ITVHD in England and Setanta Sports 2 in Scotland at 16:15 and 16:25 respectively.


Car - 20.58

If you're using a satnav or online routeplanner, use the postcode DE24 8XL for Pride Park.

This map will prove useful. It's 95 miles each way, which works out as £10.29 each way in petrol.

When it comes to parking, it’s probably easy to follow signposts to Derby city centre and park in any one of the numerous council car parks, most of which are free or heavily discounted on Sundays.

It’s then a 10-minute walk to the stadium.

Train - £20.50
If you buy your tickets on the day you travel, an off-peak day return will cost you £20.50.

You can book in advance make a saving of up to 70p by buying an off-peak return from Manchester to Sheffield and then the same kind of ticket from Sheffield to Derby.

But it’s not worth it as it restricts how you get back and you have to stick to certain trains.

Manchester Piccadilly to Derby
There are no direct services. All journeys require you to change trains at Sheffield.

The journey time is between 90 and 100 minutes, including waiting at Sheffield.

Trains leave Manchester hourly but the departure time changes each hour.

Leave Piccadilly: 08:49 09:22 11:18 12:18 12:44 13:20 13:39* 14:20
Arrive Sheffield: 09:37 10:43 12:08 13:08 13:36 14:08 14:37 15:08
Leave Sheffield: 10:20 11:20 12:20 13:18 13:50 14:20 14:50 15:20
Arrive Derby: 10:54 11:52 12:51, 13:53 14:21 14:53 15:21 15:52
*leaves Manchester Oxford Road

The ground is about a 10-minute walk from the train station using a footbridge. It is well signposted.

Derby to Manchester Piccadilly

Trains home go via Sheffield, Stoke or Chesterfield. You have nine options that will get you home at a decent time.

Option 1
Leave Derby: 18:20 Arrive Sheffield: 18:56 Leave Sheffield: 19:11
Arrive Piccadilly: 20:06

Option 2
Leave Derby: 18:42
Arrive Stoke: 19:35
Leave Stoke: 19:50
Arrive Piccadilly: 20:30

Option 3
Leave Derby (pictured right): 18:44
Arrive Chesterfield: 19:02
Leave Chesterfield: 19:12
Arrive Piccadilly: 20:35

Option 4
Leave Derby: 19:22
Arrive Sheffield: 18:55
Leave Sheffield: 20:11
Arrive Piccadilly: 21:06

Option 5
Leave Derby: 19:40
Arrive Stoke: 20:31
Leave Stoke: 20:37
Arrive Piccadilly: 21:18

Option 6
Leave Derby: 19:44
Arrive Chesterfield (pictured right): 20:02
Leave Chesterfield: 20:10
Arrive Piccadilly: 21:36

Option 7
Leave Derby: 20:07
Arrive Sheffield: 20:39
Leave Sheffield: 21:11
Arrive Piccadilly: 22:06

Option 8
Leave Derby: 20:40
Arrive Stoke: 21:31
Leave Stoke: 21:38
Arrive Piccadilly: 22:15

Option 9
Leave Derby: 21:29
Arrive Sheffield (pictured right): 22:08
Leave Sheffield: 22:17
Arrive Piccadilly: 23:29

Coach - £15.20

The club is running coaches to the match with places costing £20 per person.
The coaches leave from the W2 car park at 1pm. Click here to book.

National Express runs a limited service between Chorlton Street in Manchester and Full Street in Derby city centre with a return ticket costing £15.20

There’s one coach there, which leaves at 08:05 and arrives at 10:20 and one coach back, which leaves at 20:00 and arrives at 22:05.
Megabus doesn’t run coaches from Manchester to Derby.

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