Thursday, July 15

Fulham neutral end tickets won't be sold to reds

Neutral end tickets for United's first Premier League away match of the season on August 22 will not go on open sale, Fulham FC officials have confirmed.

At Craven Cottage, the Putney End (pictured) behind one goal has seven blocks - P1 to P7. P1 to P4, which are towards the right and centre as you look at the pitch, are sold as away tickets through the visiting club's ticket office.

Tickets in P5 to P7 are sold through Fulham.

Once United's last league game at Fulham sold out, tickets for those three blocks went on general sale on the website of ticket exchange company Seatwave.

Technically, they were sold at face value, which was £49, though with a hefty commission of £16.90 and a recorded delivery fee of £8.

But despite the inflated price tag, Reds logged on to snap the tickets within minutes.

However, Fulham has confirmed that, this year, only members and season ticket holders will be able to buy Seatwave tickets.

A club spokesman said: "Due to the high level of interest in this fixture, we haven't made any provision for a general sale of tickets for this game and I wouldn't anticipate that position altering."

"Sale of tickets on the exchange is restricted to other season ticket holders and club members."

What it means for reds is that the only place to get tickets for this match is through applying in the usual way to United's ticket office.

United are expected to announce ticket prices sale dates by July 24.

We predict United will get 2,930 tickets costing £49 for adults, £38 for over 65s and £22 for under 16s.

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