Sunday, June 6

Ryanair slash Ireland flight prices

Reds looking to go to the August 4 friendly between United and a League of Ireland XI can now get cheaper flights.

Before today, the cheapest return flights between Manchester and Dublin would have cost £44.98

And the cheapest return flights between Liverpool and Dublin would have cost £36.98.

Now, the cheapest Manchester return is £35.90 and the cheapest Liverpool return is £27.35.

But don’t forget Ryanair charges you £5 per return journey to check in and also charges a booking fee, which changes depending what card you use.

You can bypass the booking fee by getting a pre-paid Mastercard Debit Card through Fairfx.

The cards are free, but you have to upload £10 onto them when you order them. They take a week to ten days to arrive. Get one

A full ticket and travel guide to the League of Ireland match can be found

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