Wednesday, September 2

European travel club - your questions answered

Amid concerns from some fans, United have replied to our request for information about the club's new European Travel Club (MUETC).

Here is the Q&A:

1. Will supporters who sign up to MUETC be given membership cards?

"Members of the travel club will not receive any type of membership cards."

2. Will supporters turning up to away European matches without proof of membership of MUETC be allowed entry to the stadium if they have a valid ticket?

"If supporters apply for tickets and are successful, supporters will be required to take photographic ID to the match, dependant on the country."

[Without clarification, this seems to imply that, for matches where supporters have to collect their tickets in the country where the game takes place, that system would be enough to deter people without MUETC membership from using tickets.

And in situations where tickets are posted out in the UK, there is nothing to stop people selling them to non MUETC members.

3. Can you expand on the part of the terms and conditions relating to clothing.

"No clothing with any offensive or racist slogans should be worn – anything that may cause upset with the opposing team or residents of the city/country or the players of either team."

4. Will supporters still have to fill out match-by-match travel reports as well as joining MUETC?


5. Are there any plans to introduce a charge for membership?

"There are no plans to introduce a charge."

6. Is there a deadline to join

"For supporters wanting to apply for Besiktas away tickets, the deadline is 8pm tonight, but there is no deadline for joining generally."

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