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Middlesbrough travel and pub guide

Riverside Stadium
Premier League
Saturday May 2, kick off 12:44

United have got 3,148 tickets in the South Stand. The stadium capacity is 35.100. Tickets cost £32 for adults, £19 for over 65s and £17 for under 16s.

All away-end tickets have been sold, but it is worth calling the ticket office on 0161 868 800 on Thursday and Friday morning to see if there have been any returned tickets.

At time of writing, Middlesbrough have 300 home-end tickets left to sell, priced at £29 to £37 for adults, £19 to £27 for over 65s, £17 to £36 for 18 to 21 year olds and £12 for under 18s. Call 0844 499 1234 for details.

Supporters who went to this fixture last year, which was played a similar time of year, will remember the snow that fell during the game.
Thankfully, it won't be the same today. The match will be played in bright sunshine with a temperature of about 13c.

The match will be shown live on Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 1HD, with the show starting at 12:30 and ending at 15:00.


Car - £28
If you're driving to the game and using an online routeplanner to print directions or using a sat nav, use the postcode TS3 6RS.

From Manchester, the journey takes two hours and cost about £14 in petrol each way. The basic route is: M62, M1, A19 and the A66. Follow signs for the train station. The stadium is well sign posted.
Parking - free
There are no parking spots on the stadium car park, but there are a number of private car parks off the A66 offering spaces for a fiver a car in and around the ground.

We recommend parking for free outside The Bridge Inn, a pub that is opposite the train station and on the main walk up to the ground, though it is a 15-minute walk.

If you arrive early enough, you'll be able to park right outside for free and it's an easy way back to the motorway, though you can queue for 20 minutes or so to get out of town.

Train - £29.50
Despite the early kick off, there are plenty of trains to get you to the game on time.

If you buy your ticket on the day, it will cost you £46.40 for an off-peak return.

But if you buy in advance via the National Rail website, there are discounts available. These are all direct trains

1. There: Option 1, back: Option 7 or 8 - price £29.50
2. There: Option 1, back: Option 1: £36
3. There: Option 4, back: Option 1, 5 or 6 - £38

Option 1 - journey time: 2:38
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 06:54
Arrive: Middlesbrough: 09:32

Option 2 - journey time: 2:41
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 07:11
Arrive Darlington: 09:14
Leave: 09:23
Arrive Middlesbrough: 09:52

Option 3 - journey time: 2:50
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 07:26
Arrive Darlington: 09:29
Leave: 09:51
Arrive Middlesbrough: 10:16

Option 4 - journey time: 2:35
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 07:55
Arrive: Middlesbrough: 10:30

Option 5 - journey time: 2:42
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 08:10
Arrive: York: 09:36
Leave: 09:47
Arrive Darlington: 10:13
Leave: 10:20
Arrive Middlesbrough: 10:52

Option 6 - journey time: 2:43
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 08:26
Arrive: York: 09:52
Leave: 10:03
Arrive Darlington: 10:30
Leave: 10:47
Arrive Middlesbrough: 11:09

Option 7 - journey time: 2:33
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 08:57
Arrive: Middlesbrough: 11:30

Option 8 - journey time: 2:44
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 09:11
Arrive: York: 10:35
Leave: 10: 47
Arrive Darlington: 11:16
Leave: 11:30
Arrive Middlesbrough: 11:55

Option 9 - journey time: 2:33
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 09:57
Arrive: Middlesbrough: 12:30
To the stadium

Leave the train station and turn right. About 100 yards up is the Bridge Inn.
Walk past there and follow the road for 15 minutes and you'll arrive at the ground.
It's an easy route to follow as it the one which most fans take to the ground on foot.

Middlesbrough to Manchester

Option 1- journey time: 2:29
Leave Middlesbrough: 14:50
Arrive Manchester Piccadilly: 17:19

Option 2 - journey time: 2:54
Leave Middlesbrough: 14:55
Arrive Darlington 15:20
Leave: 15:42
Arrive Manchester Pccadilly: 15:42

Option 3 - journey time: 2:54
Leave Middlesbrough: 15:27
Arrive Darlington 15:55
Leave: 16:04
Arrive York: 16:32
Leave: 16:40
Arrive Manchester Pccadilly: 18:05

Option 4 - journey time: 2:29
Leave Middlesbrough: 15:50
Arrive Manchester Piccadilly: 18:19

Option 5 - journey time: 2:20
Leave Middlesbrough: 17:00
Arrive Manchester Piccadilly: 19:20

Option 6 - journey time: 2:26
Leave Middlesbrough: 18:07
Arrive Manchester Piccadilly: 20:33

Option 7 - journey time: 2:23
Leave Middlesbrough: 20:10
Arrive Manchester Piccadilly: 22:33

Option 8 - journey time: 2:29
Leave Middlesbrough: 20:50
Arrive Manchester Piccadilly: 23:05

United are running coaches to the game. For details, call 0161 868 8000.

National Express runs coaches between Manchester Chorlton Street and Middlesbrough bus station, but does not have a service that will get you there in time for kick off.

It is, however, running two services back. The first leaves Middlesbrough at 16:10 and arrives in Manchester at 20:05 after a 40-minute wait in Leeds.

The second service also leaves at 16:10 and goes direct, arriving at 20:55. A one-way ticket costs £17.50.

Megabus does not run coaches between Manchester and Middlesbrough.

The best place to grab a pre-match pint is the Bridge Inn on Bridge Stree East. It's not technically an away-fans pub, but the landlord and landlady welcome everyone and it's a reasonably priced pint at £2.30 going off last season's prices.

You may find that the police will hang about outside as kick off approaches and, if you leave it too late to set off on the 15-minute walk to the ground, they may come in to guide you there, starting the escort from the pub.

The city centre is only a two-minute walk from the train station and you can find plenty of pubs there. But many of them will have bouncers on the doors and will not groups of lads in, especially if you're wearing colours.

If you want to grab a bargain, call into The Isaac Wilson, at 61 Wilson Street, or The Resolution, at 19 Newport Crescent.

They are both Wetherspoons pub serving San Miguel at 99p a bottle.
And both pubs are taking part in a Real Ale Festival, offering 12 beers from around the world plus loads of UK favourites too. It's a good chance to drink something different.

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