Monday, October 20

Reader's question

Q: I am off to Villarreal and wondered if you knew any of the following.

Is it really possible to get the train from Valencia as there only seem to be two trains - 5pm from city centre which I will not make as my flight gets in at 3.15 to Valencia, and 8pm which gets in after kick off?

Also, will there be a train back after the match to Valencia?

There are rumours of a football special but no trains are scheduled and maybe specials are only to Castellon?

A: When your flight lands, get the Metro Red Line from the airport to Valencia Nord station. With luck, you'll be at Valencia Nord by 4pm.

From there, board the 16:05 train to Castellon and it will be in Castellon by 16:55. It's a Euromed train though and will set you back e17 one way.

But if you miss that train, don't panic. Others leave at 16:55, 17:00, 17:15 and 18:05.
At the worst, you'll be in Castellon at 18:43 - two hours before kick off, and Castellon is only five miles from the ground.

If your flight is delayed and you really are left in the shit, a taxi to Castellon would cost about e100 and take about an hour depending on traffic, so split between four people, it's not that bad.

As for the way back, the match ends at 22.30, so with luck you will be back in Castellon to catch the only available train back to Valencia - the 23:59 train which costs e14 one way. That'll get you back into Valencia by 00:49. The next one is at 06:50.

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