Thursday, August 28

All aboard for Aalborg

Aalborg BK

Tuesday September 30
8.45pm local time
Energi Nord Arena, Aalborg (TBC)


The Aalborg Stadion has an official capacity of 13,800, 7,700 of which is seating.

It is anticipated United fans will get an allocation of about 1,000 to 2,000 tickets, though there is a possibility that the fixture could be switched to a bigger ground.

The only problem with a venue switch is that there isn't a suitably-sized stadium in northern Denmark close to Aalborg and there's only a month left to the match.


There are three possible (sensible) routes:

1. London Stanstead to Aarhus on Ryanair, priced between £35 and £150 return, depending when you intend to fly.
Aarhus airport to Aarhus on a coach, which takes an hour and costs about £8.
Aarhus to Aalborg by train, which takes 90 minutes and costs about £15.

2. London Gatwick to Aalborg on Danish airline Sterling, priced at about £100 return depending on when you intend to fly.

3. London Stanstead to Gothenberg on Ryanair, priced at about £40 return, depending on when you intend to fly.
Ferry from Gothenberg to Frederickshavn on Ferryto, priced at about £28 return, depending on your age and when you intend to sail. It takes three hours and 15 minutes.
Frederickshavn to Aalborg takes 75 minutes by train and will cost about £15 return.

More information will follow in the next few days.

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