Thursday, July 31

The long way round

Anyone doing Pompey on August 25 and Zenit on August 29 should take some inspiration from a fearsome group of reds doing both on the cheap without a break in between.

Here's how they're doing it:

Monday August 25
Megabus from Manchester to Portsmouth. £5.
Train from Portsmouth to London. £10 approx. A possible jib.
Stay in London on Monday night in a hostel.

Tuesday August 26
Train from London to Stanstead on Tuesday night. A possible jib, though there are barriers at the main London stations.

Wednesday August 27
Plane to Wednesday to Begamo, near Milan, £40 return
Train from Bergamo to Nice via Milan £30 return approx.
Stay in Nice for three nights in a hostel.

Friday August 29
Train from Nice to Monte Carlo
Return after the game

Saturday August 30
Train from Nice to Bergamo via Milan.

Sunday August 31
Plane from Bergamo to Stanstead.
Train from Stanstead to London.
Megabus from London to Manchester.

Total cost: £250 approx.

Some of the prices, including the flights, have gone up since they booked, but it's still a very decent way of doing it.

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